Two of the biggest pain points of using mixed reality (MR) at an enterprise level are the amount of upfront work it takes to build custom 3D content and the costs of capturing real-world environments and objects. Now, a partnership between Matterport and TeamworkAR is allowing customers to quickly create digital twins and other 3D content and deploy immersive experiences at scale.

Producing a realistic XR environment is typically an expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process requiring specialized expertise. A single immersive environment, for instance, might require 6-12 weeks to develop. The joint solution of TeamworkAR by CGS and Matterport’s Digital Twin allows anyone with a compatible iOS or Android device to generate a high-quality digital twin with the press of a button, essentially automating the process. Matterport’s platform produces realistic XR environments that can be customized with rich objects captured with TeamworkAR. This means enterprises can create interactive 3D content in just hours and deploy MR training and other experiences in a matter of days.

Tune in Thursday, June 16 when Doug Stephen, President of Enterprise Learning & TeamworkAR at CGS, Kevin Jordan, Alliances Director at Matterport, and Eric Abbruzzese, Research Director at ABI Research, discuss the challenges of creating interactive mixed reality environments and the massive potential of democratizing enterprise-ready 3D content creation for all businesses that want to deploy XR.
  • Challenges of standard approaches to creating 3D content: Costs, development time, quality (polygons, accuracy, etc.)
  • How Matterport and Teamwork AR are simplifying 3D object capture for XR environments
  • Enterprise applications: Training, upskilling, work instructions, etc.
  • Importance of developing 3D content development capabilities within your business
Eric Abbruzzese
Research Director
Eric Abbruzzese, a Research Director at ABI Research, primarily leads research efforts in Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR). Coverage includes devices, content, platforms, and use cases across consumer and enterprise applications. Additional coverage areas include gaming, video, metaverse, and emerging technologies.

Before joining ABI Research, Eric was a researcher in the Psychology and Computer Science labs at Arizona State University, including Cognitive and Social Psychology, as well as Human-Computer Interaction in the school of Computer Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering. Eric was also a member of the STARS Computing Corps and focused on solving real-world problems using robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Doug Stephen
President, Learning Division
As President of the CGS Enterprise Learning division, Doug Stephen leverages his more than 20 years of experience consulting and partnering with Fortune 100 companies to prepare the world’s leaders for Digital Transformation.

Doug leads the global development, sales, operations, and growth to offer leaders robust, agile, multi-touch, multi-approach programs that integrate across platforms, technologies, and learning styles to help drive employee performance and business initiatives. Introduced in 2019, TeamworkAR is a mixed reality platform focused on changing the future of work and learning. TeamworkAR™ is device and industry agnostic and has been deployed in retail outlets, medical settings, technology field services and manufacturing supply chains. Doug has spoken at various industry events including ATD TechKnowledge, EWTS and Field Service. He has also written articles and been quoted for such publications as CLO, Forbes, TrainingIndustry.com, Huffington Post and Information Week.
Kevin Jordan
Alliances Director, Implementation Partner Program | Matterport
As Alliances Director, Kevin Jordan leads the global SI Partner Program strategy for Matterport, the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world. With 18 years experience in Enterprise Sales and Business development he’s helped customers and partners develop programs to drive transformational change to achieve new growth, develop new routes to market, and increase brand visibility.

Before joining Matterport, Kevin has successfully developed and executed the GTM strategy for top consulting and ISV partners within the Salesforce and Microsoft CRM partner ecosystems. Recognizing the early adoption and digital convergence of SaaS, CRM, Cloud, and AI technologies Kevin has developed a creative and divergent approach to cultivating and growing partnerships. His experience spans verticals like Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail and Manufacturing.
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