The retirement of expert employees, ongoing labor shortages, outdated training, high turnover, and a growing skills gap are creating an unsafe and untenable workforce situation for industrial manufacturers.

Enter Augmented Reality (AR), which overlays real-time information and remote expertise at the point of need via mobile device or headset, empowering employees at any skill level to train quickly, learn on the job, reduce errors, and more.

Using AR, packaging manufacturer Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) was able to create effective, engaging training experiences, standardize operating procedures, scale expertise, and recruit the next generation of workers.

On Wednesday, May 11, Ronn Englehart, Corporate Continuous Improvement Program Manager at IPG, will join Sarah Reynolds, VP Marketing, IoT & AR at PTC, to walk you through IPG's people-focused approach to AR implementation and the real-world results, including improved safety, quality, and maintenance.
  • Transitioning to AR-based skills development
  • Tips and tricks for a smooth implementation
  • Measuring the impact on yield, compliance, training time, etc.
  • Capturing expert knowledge for effective training content
  • Future of work: Enriching AR with IoT data
Ronn Englehart
Corporate Continuous Improvement Practitioner, IPG
Ronn has worked at Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) for the past 22 years, holding a vast array of roles in operations and engineering. Ronn has had the pleasure of working on the Intertape Performance System since its inception in 2012. The efforts have earned the corporation 4 Industry Week’s Best Plants awards, one being a repeat winner. As a member of the Business Transformation Office, Ronn leads key initiatives in the use of augmented reality and advanced automation. IPG is recognized as an industry leader in their multi-faceted approach to Industry 4.0 digital transformation journey.
Sarah Reynolds
Vice President, AR & IoT Marketing, PTC
Sarah Reynolds is the VP of Marketing for PTC’s augmented reality and IoT business, where they explore how AR can help organizations recruit, empower, and retain top talent. A ten-year veteran of the HR market, Sarah brings a focus on HR’s strategic role in enabling digital transformation and creating best-in-class employee experiences to their work at PTC. Sarah writes and speaks widely about pay equity, diversity and inclusion, and the intersections of bias, ethics and technology, contributing to Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Institutional Investor, Business Trends, the Society for Human Resources (SHRM) blog, and speaking at live and virtual events hosted by WorldatWork, SHRM, HR Dive, AICPA, and more. You can follow them on the PTC blog, or on Twitter @fairpaymonster.
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