Be Suicide Aware with CALM Care.

3 Hour workshop for everyone to become Suicide Aware.

Learn the simple steps of checking in with someone who might not be doing so well and need your help. A CALM conversation can save a life.
  • How to approach the person and make a connection.
  • How to Determine if suicide is in their thoughts.
  • What to do about it, to ensure the person's safety is addressed and they are protected from suicide.
  • How to use the "Calm Care" app so that support is ongoing for the person as they work through their pain and distress.
Deb Reveley
Deb Reveley is the CEO and principal driver of Brain Ambulance Pty Ltd, a business she started 16 years ago to deliver mental health education from the lived experience. She has endured mental health problems since she was 25 and at 32 became house bound for 2 years with agoraphobia.

Deb became a CALM and CALM Care trainer when she realised this was the exact type of conversation she wished someone would have had with her when she was experiencing episodes of suicidal thought.

Deb is a Master instructor of Mental Health First Aid and won the Inaugural Instructor champion Award for MHFA Australia. She is a huge advocate for recovery and the brand new challenges that brings with it.

Deb’s keynote talks shamelessly expose how she loves her mental health life experience and the fun she has with it in breaking the stigma of mental health. Her honest and funny reflections of living with a mental illness will captivate your audience. She is so passionate about mental wellness and recovery she actually trademarked Keeping Sane’® Deb is often referred to as a ‘healed human’.

A great storyteller, Deb gives your audience permission to utter the phrase “Keeping Sane®” and will impress.
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