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Black Tech Recruiters: Working & Excelling in the Talent Market

About This Webinar

In an industry where diversity and inclusion are often undervalued, Black tech recruiters bring unique perspectives and insights to the table. On April 2nd, 2024, we delve into the experiences, challenges, and successes of Black tech recruiters in today's dynamic talent market.

Our panel of esteemed Black tech recruiters will share their journeys, highlighting the obstacles they've overcome and their strategies to excel in their careers. From navigating biases and stereotypes to building inclusive hiring processes, our speakers will offer valuable insights and actionable advice to career seekers and industry peers. Whether you're a seasoned recruiter interested in acquiring greater industry insights, a job seeker looking for valuable career leads, or simply interested in learning more about diversity and inclusion in the tech industry from the lens of senior Black tech recruiters, this event is for you.

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Key Benefits:

Gain Valuable Knowledge: Whether you’re a job searcher looking to land your dream role or a recruiter aiming to improve your talent-sourcing approach, lean in and learn insightful tips from seasoned talent-sourcing professionals to crush all your career goals in 2024.

Enrich Your Network: Celebrate the achievements of Black professionals in tech recruitment, connect, and build a rapport with these same influential professionals who are well-connected in the tech ecosystem and are making a tangible difference in the talent market.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Cher is a Corporate Social Media Trainer & Personal Branding Coach with the love of technology hardwired into her personality. As the founder of Socially Active Training, she leverages over 20 years of PR, marketing, and broadcasting experience to help professionals, leaders, and consultants develop a credible and strategic online presence while teaching how to use social media at work for work.
Webinar hosting presenter
DEI Consultant & Customer Success Lead
Natalie is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion advisor with an excellent background in creating DEI strategies for organizations looking to begin or further their DEI journey. Her background in community work, public consultations, and research led her to DEI, where she could help turn interest and intention into actions.
Webinar hosting presenter
Client Lead Recruiter
Talent Acquisition expert and leader with 9+ years of full-cycle recruitment experience filling fundamental Technical, Non-technical, and Leadership roles while being a diversity advocate at top global tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft! He is highly competent at taking ownership of the recruitment function and has experience building talent maps and developing recruitment functions.