About This Webinar
Our Winemakers share their opinions on oak influence and barrels: why they use certain oaks over others and how the different toast levels, species and ages of barrels influence the wine.

Julien Dugas - Winemaker, Domaine Boutinot
JD Rossouw - Winemaker, Wildeberg
Nigel Wilkinson - Master Sommelier
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    Nigel Wilkinson, MS
    Fine Dining Account Manager and Boutinot’s general wine educator, Nigel became a Master Sommelier in 2005. With one of the best palates in the business, he travels the world offering training and guidance to our customers, as well as always being on-hand for an expert food recommendation.
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    JD Rossouw
    Head Winemaker, Wildeberg
    Leader of our South African winemaking team, it's fair to say JD was born to be a winemaker. Growing up helping on the family winery in Paarl instilled the winemaking principles he practices to this day. Having completed the first harvest at Wildeberg earlier this month there's never been a more exciting time at Boutinot South Africa.
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