About This Webinar
Well regarded, fine-dining chef, Paul Askew, delivers three special dishes matched to three different wines from Henners vineyard. The panel will discuss the growing English Sparkling Wine category and how it fits in the fine dining scene.

Paul Askew - Head Chef & Owner, Liverpool Art School Restaurant
Sarah Donoher - Sommelier, Liverpool Art School Restaurant
Collette O’Leary - Head Winemaker, Henners
Nigel Wilkinson - Master Sommelier
Mike Best - Master of Wine
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    Boutinot Wines
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    Nigel Wilkinson, MS
    Fine Dining Account Manager and Boutinot’s general wine educator, Nigel became a Master Sommelier in 2005. With one of the best palates in the business, he travels the world offering training and guidance to our customers, as well as always being on-hand for an expert food recommendation.
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    Mike Best
    Master of Wine
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    Collette O'Leary
    Head Winemaker, Henners Vineyard
    After joining Henners as Head Winemaker in 2019 the wines coming out of this small corner of Sussex have rapidly gone from well renowned, boutique wines to award winning, international bestsellers.
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    Paul Askew
    Head Chef & Owner, The Art School Liverpool
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    Sarah Donoher
    Restaurant Manager, The Art School Liverpool