WebRTC 1.0 is just a Chrome version (or two?) away, and now is the time to see how it will affect your development efforts
Tsahi Levent-Levi
Author of BlogGeek.me
Philipp Hancke
Staff Engineer @ appear.in
WebRTC 1.0 is upon us. A lot has been written about the fact, but less about what it really means to developers - those who already have a deployed product and those who want to start developing a product today.

In this webinar, Philipp Hancke will provide answers to the following questions:
* What should you change in your app due to WebRTC 1.0?
* What new tricks did 1.0 teach the “old” WebRTC dog?
* Do you need to update my app to be compliant and work in Chrome next year?
* How much effort is involved in this migration to WebRTC 1.0 anyway?
* How to find out if a github project you select supports WebRTC 1.0?
Webinar ID: 8e7137ddbedc