Personal Branding—What is it Really?

Tuesday, Oct 30 | 11:00 AM (EDT)
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About This Webinar
Companies and organizations are not the only things that need strategic planning and branding—so do people.

What do you want to be known and remembered for? Do you know what YOUR personal brand is?

How do you want to feel, and what do you want to communicate every day—at work, at home, in your community?

Gain clarity about how to approach your personal branding through an interview with Monique de Maio, creator of Be the CMO of Your Life Program and Founder of ondemand CMO.

The webinar will cover everything to know for personal branding, including what contributes to people's successes and failures and what parts of your personal life should be part of your brand.
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Monique de Maio
Creator of Be the CMO of Your Life Program and Founder of ondemand CMO
Monique is CMO and Founder of a 20-year old consulting firm, ondemand CMO, which focuses on B2B in marketing strategy, positioning and messaging. From a personal side, Monique helps executives develop a game plan to live their best “personal brand.”
Mike Moran
Mike Moran is an expert in digital marketing and a former IBM Distinguished Engineer. He is President of Mike Moran Group, and Senior Strategist at Converseon, Revealed Context, and SoloSegment.
Eileen Cosenza
Eileen is the Marketing and Operations manager at Mike Moran Group. Contact her with any webinar questions or to become a sponsor. Sign up for Biznology emails today for more free marketing insights!