Keyword Knowledge Graphs: Using AI to Create Outside-In Taxonomies

Tuesday, May 1 | 11:00 AM (EDT)
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We've got a new format for our webinars! We're changing to live expert interviews.

Mike Moran will interview James Mathewson, the program director of content marketing platforms at IBM. James writes frequently about keyword ontology -- the powerful tool for understanding keywords you should be building content around to attract prospects, engage with them, and convert them into loyal clients.

Your audience doesn't always arrive at content that sells your product through a search. The vast majority of searches are for answers to questions or solutions to problems that are not obviously product related. If you provide the answers to the questions your target audiences ask, and if you help to solve their problems, many of them will trust you enough to try or buy your products when they're ready. But how do you provide the content that helps clients and prospects journey from generic questions about product categories to buying your products? The answer is keyword ontology.

A keyword ontology is a set of relationships between the keywords potential buyers use in search and the products or services they are ultimately looking for.

It helps you understand which words tend to go with which products, and how you can out think your competition to deliver the content your prospects need, in each stage of the buyer's journey. James will discuss why and how you should be creating a keyword ontology.

Special presentation sponsored by Gerris Corp aand SoloSegment.

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Mike Moran
Mike Moran is an expert in digital marketing and a former IBM Distinguished Engineer. He is President of Mike Moran Group, and Senior Strategist at Converseon, Revealed Context, and SoloSegment.
James Mathewson
Program Director of Content Marketing Platforms at IBM
James Mathewson is IBM's Distinguished Technical Marketer for search. He has 20 years of experience in web editorial, content strategy, and SEO for large and small companies. A frequent speaker, lecturer and blogger, James has published more than 1600 articles and two books on how web technology and user experience change the nature of effective content. James has two advanced degrees on related subjects from the University of Minnesota.
Eileen Cosenza
Eileen is the Marketing and Operations manager at Mike Moran Group. Contact her with any webinar questions or to become a sponsor. Sign up for Biznology emails today for more free marketing insights!