In 2024, businesses across various sectors are actively pursuing sustainability initiatives, driven by internal values, evolving consumer demands, and regulatory mandates such as the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the Global Plastics Treaty.

To mitigate the impacts of e-waste and reduce energy consumption, ‘Rugged Technology’—that which withstands challenging environmental conditions—plays a major role in delivering long-term solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Join experts from Getac Technology Corporation, Greemas, and Sustainability Magazine to uncover what truly defines rugged technology and how it fits into a sustainable ecosystem.

This webinar aims to empower industry professionals with knowledge essential for navigating the evolving landscape of rugged technology and its pivotal role in achieving sustainability objectives.
  • A paradigm shift in how organizations perceive ESG today
  • How rugged tech navigates towards sustainability
  • Eco-evolution: unveiling innovations in green materials
  • How rugged tech contributes to carbon footprint reduction
  • Applications of sustainables rugged tech in operational settings
  • Future outlook for rugged technology in sustainability
Chih-Wei Wang
Product Manager at Getac Technology Corporation
Chih-Wei Wang, Product Manager at Getac excels in steering innovative products for rugged mobile devices. With a robust background encompassing over four years as an EMC Engineer, she possesses extensive expertise in wireless broadband products, IoT sensors, gateways, and rugged PCs.

Before joining Getac, Chih-Wei worked as a project leader and led diverse projects to showcase exceptional commitment to Electronic Product development. Holding a Master's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Leeds, she brings a blend of academic prowess and practical experience to her role at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.
Peter Chu
General Manager at Greemas
Peter Chu serves as the General Manager at Greemas, overseeing the development and production of PCR-based resins for consumer electronics, servers, TV housings, and automotive applications. With over two decades of experience, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to polymer materials research in academic and industrial environments.

Under his guidance, his team has successfully executed diverse projects, including the utilization of high fiber content resins and continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites for laptop housings, the establishment of waterborne painting lines, and the production of eco-friendly resins like biodegradable polymers and PCR-based materials.
Neil Perry
Group Content Director at Sustainability Magazine & Bizclik Media Group
Neil Perry is the Group Content Director at Sustainability Magazine and the BizClik Group with two decades of multimedia experience. Neil covers a wide range of topics including sustainability, technology, and business insights with his expertise among the sectors. He has worked across regional and national brands for Global Radio, as a bulletin presenter, broadcast voice coach, mentor and news editor. Neil moved into visual broadcasting in 2014 helping to establish one of the first local television channels as an assistant news editor, and executive producer of a topical discussion program.
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