Join us for an in-depth exploration of cutting-edge advancements in autonomous technologies and mobile mapping solutions that are revolutionizing mining survey efficiency.

Discover how Joel Venne from Exyn Technologies is reshaping mining operations through autonomous robotic navigation integrated with advanced mobile mapping systems. Learn how these innovations streamline site surveys, boost safety, and transform the mining sector.

Key Takeaways:
- Introduction to Autonomous Technologies in Mining: Stay updated on the latest in autonomous robotics and their impact on mining.
- The Power of Mobile Mapping: Dive into the world of mobile mapping systems for precise 3D mapping and geospatial data collection, enhancing mineral exploration and mine planning accuracy.
- Use Case Overview: Explore real-world applications and the positive changes in global mining operations.

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Joël Venne
Commercial Sales Executive for Exyn Technologies
Joël Venne is a Commercial Sales Executive for Exyn Technologies. He is responsible for selling our newest and exciting products to customers in mining, construction, and beyond. His primary objective is to guide clients in integrating Exyn technology into their processes, with a particular focus on streamlining inspection procedures, enhancing surveying capabilities, bolstering safety measures, and improving overall operational efficacy. He has demonstrated his expertise by successfully assisting numerous global clients in incorporating autonomous navigation and mobile mapping into their workflow, thereby maximizing their operational efficiency.