Join us for a webinar with Eoghan Casey, VP of Cybersecurity Strategy and Product Development at Own Company and Keren is Chief Data Officer at PayU GPO, addressing the UK financial services sector. We'll cover cloud security, SaaS data backup, and compliance with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA).

Learn about shared responsibility in cloud security, how Own can help you get ahead of DORA compliance for SaaS, and safeguarding your data. Don't miss this chance to fortify your financial data and ensure compliance in today's tough regulatory landscape.
Keren Ben Zvi
Chief Data Officer at PayU GPO
Keren is currently the Chief Data Officer at PayU GPO, and has over 17 years of experience in transforming data into tangible business value. As a specialist in business analytics, machine learning, and data architecture, Keren held various VP of Data roles and has led diverse teams across multiple sectors, including data analytics, social media, financial data, and product shipping.

In addition to her extensive industry experience, Keren has shared her knowledge and experience with Data Analysis as a lecturer at several universities and academic institutions and volunteer in 'women in the industry program’.
Eoghan Casey
VP Cybersecurity & Product Development at Own Company
Eoghan Casey is the VP Cybersecurity & Product Development at Own Company. His research and teaching concentrate on digital forensics and cyber investigations. Eoghan brings extensive experience managing complex investigations, specialising in smartphone forensics and data breach investigations, applying digital forensics in response to security breaches to determine the origin, nature and extent of computer intrusions.

His interests include smartphone & IoT forensics, knowledge reuse and reasoning systems, detecting links and repetitions across cyber investigations, and teaching STEM through digital forensics. Eoghan is on the DFRWS Board of Directors and is a Professor at the University of Lausanne.
Neil Perry
Moderator - Group Content Director at Bizclik