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    During the last decade, Process Mining has been established as a powerful technology to achieve insights into complex business processes. “Switching on the light” has allowed companies to identify and remediate process inefficiencies.

    Execution Management is the logical evolution, enabling companies not only to identify and remediate process gaps, but execute operations in a smarter way. The Celonis Execution Management System takes process automation to the next level, with the potential to increase execution capacity based on a thorough understanding of actual process flows and gaps.

    Thinking in terms of execution capacity is a mindset change that goes beyond tweaking existing business processes, to overhauling them for maximum possible delivery capacity. Be it how many invoices are efficiently processed, how working capital can be optimized or how many customer queries you can resolve in a day; only by thinking in terms of your maximum capacity can your business truly fire on all cylinders and out-execute the competition.
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    • Execution Management and how you can leverage its insights for proactive alerting, intelligent automation and simulation.
    • Methodologies to frame and sustain value such as value trees, Masterplans and Centers of Excellence which serve as an internal accelerator to drive process transformation.
    • Real-life case studies of companies using execution management to maximize their execution capacity and achieve breakthrough performance.
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