Recorded Tue, May 5, 2020 8:00 am (EDT)
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    London (GMT 1:00)
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    There is no doubt: digitalization is a winner of the corona-crisis. Technology-enabled communication has not only enabled businesses to continue with their activities during the lockdown period but will change from a luxury to a necessity in the post-corona world, impacting future expectations and work-style patterns. As we embark on this new journey, there will be other hurdles to overcome, especially during the transition from quarantine to office life. How can employers and landlords prepare now for a more seamless quarantine-reintegration?

    Join this 30-minute session and hear from innovation and tenant engagement experts as they reveal their tech-enabled community engagement playbook.

    There will also be plenty of time for questions.

    Can't attend live? You should still register! We'll be sending out the recording to all registrants.

  • Agenda
    • How are landlords using technology to support occupiers' needs now and what can they do moving forward?
    • Are there easy-to-use ways to understand occupiers' needs, especially during a time where circumstances seem to change on a daily basis?
    • How is digitally enabled remote working changing occupiers’ preference and productivity levels?
    • How will these new preferences impact office expectations moving forward?
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