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Join Tanya du Plessis and Bremer Louw as they a look at an innovative approach to solving two of the major challenges facing SDTM:

• How can you ensure all your clinical data end up in SDTM?
• How can you show an audit trail of your SDTM data transformations?

During the webinar we will do a deep dive into Bioforum's approach to programmatically solving these two challenges. You will learn about a programming methodology that would produce data completeness metrics and an audit trail when implemented in your organization.

As a bonus you will get access to free downable SAS code that demonstrates how the methodology works and get you on the road to implementing it in your own organization!

Register now! We look forward to seeing you at this webinar.

For additional details please visit the Bioforum website!

  • Problem Statement: Why do we need to track data completeness and have an audit trail?
  • Current challenges.
  • SAS® Macro-based approach to solving these problems.
  • How to get FREE SAS CODE to start implementing this approach.
Chief Data Strategist & Solutions Officer
Tanya du Plessis has more than 18 years of experience as a manager of various data management operational teams, and she is a certified clinical data manager and project management professional. She holds a M.Med.Sc in Hematology and Cell Biology from University of the Free State.
VP, Biometrics Operations
Bremer currently serves as Vice President of Biometrics Operations at Bioforum and has been in the industry for more than 16 years, involved with SAS programming in both Data Management and Statistical Programming departments. He holds a National Diploma in Information Technology and a Batchelor’s degree in Project Management. He has a passion for identifying opportunities for doing things more efficiently.