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About This Webinar

Remote audits and inspections have always played an important role in Quality Assurance and Pharmacovigilance.

In this webinar, our expert Ejaz Butt, PrimeVigilance’s Director of Audit Management, will share his experience on how PrimeVigilance has been adapting audits and inspections with pitfalls, perils and possibilities during the challenging period of COVID-19.

In the past few months of the pandemic, remote work has become a key consideration; audits and inspections have taken on more importance than ever before.

  • The various legislative and regulatory thoughts around this practice, discussing the challenges of either conducting or hosting remote audits and inspections
  • How does PrimeVigilance prepare?
  • What considerations need to be taken into account?
  • How does PrimeVigilance ensure a successful experience to the best of our capabilities?
Language: English
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Director of Audit Management
Ejaz Butt is the Director of Audit Management at PrimeVigilance, bringing a wealth of Pharmacovigilance and Quality Assurance experience from his Pharmaceutical and Consultancy background.

He has over 20 years’ experience in the scientific and healthcare industry, commencing with the UK National Health Service (NHS), through to Academic Research before moving into the pharmaceutical industry and specializing in Pharmacovigilance, working for companies such as 3M Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson and Novartis.

He has been heavily involved in PV Quality Assurance over the last seven years, focusing on Auditing and has conducted almost 100 audits over this period - around a quarter of which were remotely conducted. Ejaz is also a member of the Research Quality Association (RQA) and is the current President of the Pharmaceutical Information Pharmacovigilance Association.
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