Selecting the ideal isotope identifier can be a daunting undertaking. Berkeley Nucleonics has produced the ultimate guide for the perfect isotope detector! This concise but thorough webinar will cover the essentials of looking at isotope identifiers, including knowing their composition, differences, and how to select the best option for your needs. Allan Gonzalez, our technical expert, will discuss form factors, the various detectors, and the significance of the data transmission protocol.

This webinar will be invaluable whether you work directly with radiation equipment or assist in purchasing this equipment in emergency response, homeland security, or other surveying applications. We welcome you to bring your questions and ideas to share with the radiation community!


Unable to attend the show? To ensure that you receive the recording, please reserve your spot. Additionally, you can register or contact info@berkeleynucleonics.com with inquiries.

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) is a worldwide leader in radiation surveying, research, and security, thanks to our extensive network of instruments and services that protect and conquer the most demanding needs, detecting various radiation and identifying isotopes.
  • What are Isotope Identifiers?
  • Lab-Based Isotope Identifiers
  • Handheld, Backpack & Mobile Isotope Identifiers
  • Gamma Detectors
  • Neutron Detectors
  • Communication & Data Transmission
  • Examples of the Perfect Isotope Identifiers
  • Questions and Answers
  • More on Radiation Detection & Isotope Identification
Allan Gonzalez
VP of Sales | Nuclear Detection
Since joining the BNC Team in 2012, Allan has gained years of experience working with customers and launching new products, such as the SAM III Series, a cutting-edge line of nuclear detection, isotope identification, and reachback tools. Allan actively participates in the radiation and nuclear communities, assiduously processing a multitude of data from end users worldwide. Assisting with training, setups, and repairs.
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