Berkeley Nucleonics (BNC) is excited to have our partner Paul Schotanus, the president and founder of Scionix Holland, discuss the principal guidelines in connectivity for scintillation detectors!

In a short yet comprehensive live webinar, BNC and Scionix talk about the latest and various ways to connect a scintillator sensor to electronics. Understanding the physics background of a scintillation sensor, different connectors, and cable options is critical in getting the right readout.

Reserve your spot to learn more about the world of scintillation and bring questions to ask about your applications for our Nuclear team!


Can't make the show? Reserve your spot for the recording to be sent out to you. You can also register or ask questions to info@berkeleynucleonics.com
  • Scintillation Detector Recap
  • Scintillation Sensors: Analog Signals & Digital Electronics
  • Classic Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs)
  • Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPms)
  • Connector & Cable Options
  • Question & Answers
Paul Schotanus
Scionix Managing Director
Mark Slattery
Nuclear Applications Manager
Brianna Thomas
Sales Development Rep
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