About This Webinar
Due to Covid-19, businesses have had to learn to adapt to the remote world. Now, as we begin to reopen, businesses need to prepare for what the post-Covid side of business will look like and how to get there. We are honored that Laura Malcolm, founder and CEO of Give InKind, can talk to us about the future of the Global Workforce and how to optimize for remote teams.

Learn how to build your workforce remotely and create productive and growing teams as we begin to reopen and rethink business.
Laura Malcolm
Founder & CEO of Give InKind
Laura Malcolm is the founder and CEO of Give InKind, a modern social platform for coordinating support through life's disruptions. Laura spent 10 years in product management, building B2B and B2C products for both startups (Brighter.com, Connectivity) and public companies (Dex Media/Supermedia). After the unexpected loss of her first child, Laura combined her professional and personal experience into a rapidly-growing company that allows friends and families to support one another, from anywhere. Laura is a northwest native, graduate of the University of Washington, and has two little boys at home that keep her grounded.
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