Sustainability is rapidly becoming an important business consideration across all sectors. In the coming years, businesses will need to adapt and develop business plans to better the world and the economy.

Andy Kleitsch, Founder of Atomo Coffee, has built a sustainable coffee company through breakthrough technology that eliminates the need for thousands of acres of farmland and carbon heavy global supply chains to produce.

Learn how your company can profit from his example and promote environmental responsibility for the next generation in the process.
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CEO of Atomo Coffee
A PNW native, Andy Kleitsch was born and raised in Seattle,WA. Beginning his entrepreneurship journey in the early 90’s on a 14.4k modem, Andy and his wife launched the (now and have been hooked on startups ever since. Over the past fifteen years, Andy has founded several tech companies in a variety of fields as well as spending a few years in innovation at Amazon Payments developing a mobile wallet program.

His expertise and excitement come from first mover businesses. His first mobile payments company came before the iPhone and he is now working to bring to market the world’s first molecular coffee.

Andy enjoys boating around the Puget Sound with his family as well as backcountry hiking. He and his wife continue to pay forward their startup experience by hosting the “BYOB: Build Your Own Business” club for entrepreneurial students at the University of Washington as well as Andy being on the board of mentors for the Master in Entrepreneurship program. Andy completed a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing from Emerson College.