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As automation, deep learning, and artificial intelligence quietly seep into every aspect of our economy; what comes next? Will these new technologies improve our lives or make whole industries obsolete? What can your business do to harness AI's awesome potential while being the first to adapt to the potential disruption it may cause.

Join Gurdeep Singh Pall, Corporate Vice President for Business AI at Microsoft; for this free webcast - and learn the answers to these questions and more.
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Corporate Vice President for Business AI at Microsoft
Gurdeep Singh Pall is the Corporate Vice President for Business AI at Microsoft Corp, and member of Technology & Research Leadership Team. He is an entrepreneur, a product thinker, but foremost a passionate technologist.

Gurdeep Pall leads the Business AI Group at Microsoft, a team comprising of Research Scientists, Engineers and Business leaders, bringing digital transformation to business tasks thru the power of AI, including a recent effort to train Autonomous Systems with Reinforcement Learning efficiently. He is also responsible for Microsoft Garage and Hackathon, a hyperscale grass-roots innovation program. Prior to this Gurdeep was responsible for Skype, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams efforts, including starting Lync (now Skype for Business) and developing it into a multi-billion $ business. Gurdeep’s favorite technology moment was demonstrating the world’s first live real-time spoken language translation within a Skype call at the Code Conference in 2014.