About This Webinar
As new technology emerges, students and workers have been learning and converting their work onto digital platforms to advance themselves. Richard Wang, CEO and Co-founder of Coding Dojo, will be exploring the future of education and its successes and challenges for schools and businesses.

Learn how to become more digitally literate in order to become more efficient, innovative and engaging with your audience and clients.
Richard Wang
Chief Executive Officer of Coding Dojo
Richard Wang is the CEO of the national technology education company Coding Dojo, the Sector Practice Leader for EdTech and Future of Work at the MIT Martin Trust Center, and an Advisory Committee Member for Equity & Workforce Innovation at the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship.

As a leading education and technology executive, Richard is committed to creating economic mobility for under served communities and increasing opportunities for individuals to re-skill or up skill so they can participate in the digital economy. He regularly spearheads initiatives that increase accessibility to tech education for disadvantaged individuals and promote diversity within the tech industry.

Richard also contributes industry thought leadership content throughout the tech and education sector. His evangelism takes many forms and can be found in a variety of channels like his Forbes Technology Council column, high-profile media interviews, as well as his weekly podcast The Work of the Future, where he interviews leaders to discuss issues facing today’s workforce and how society can prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.
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