About This Webinar
It has never been a more important time for health care and technology as the world continues to battle Covid. Telemedicine has continued to evolve and grow; producing top level services and products to patients.

Davide Vigano, CEO of Sensoria, has developed a company that produces wearable, bio-sensing garments and is an innovator in the telemedicine world.

Join us as we explore the telemedicine world and learn about the products and services being produced.
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Davide Vigano
Co-founder and CEO of Sensoria Health, Inc.
Sensoria designs, develops and produces bio-sensing wearable garments. The vision of the company is that the Garment itself will become the next ultra-personal, mobile computer. Davide is a former Microsoft partner level executive with over 25 years of sales, marketing and extensive product management experience. As an intern he started the international localization group for MacWorks and MacOffice in 1987. More recently, he served as General Manager of the Health Solutions Group where he was in charge of marketing and product strategy for both HealthVault and the Amalga product line. He acted as Vice President of the Worldwide SMSP Medium Business division which he grew 18% YOY to over $14B. Davide also managed the Italian Marketing, Business and Enterprise operations for five years and brought it to number one in the world for contribution margin, 6th largest Microsoft subsidiary in the world by revenues.