For over 8 years, the FLEX PACK system from CGS ORIS is the most successful system for producing proofs on sheet metal. Using an eco-solvent printer from RolandDG and a lamination process, many of the world’s leading metal printers are relying on this technology for their proofing and prototyping needs.

The latest ground-breaking innovation in this field is a joint development by CGS ORIS and Mutoh, Japan. Using a printer with highly pigmented CGS ORIS XG multi-purpose resin inks, it is now possible to print proofs directly on any kind of metal surfaces, without an intermediate film layer.

The inks are non-toxic and the prints can be varnished and withstand heat of more than 200 deg. C without any color shift. The printer comes in two different sizes: A compact 24” model and a 64” flatbed version. Part of the FLEX PACK software application is the support of the CxF/X-4 format for spectral spot color definitions, which offers reproduction of spot and brand colors with unprecedented accuracy.

Delegates will learn:
1. How to produce direct-to-substrate proofs on coated and uncoated sheet metal
2. Profiling the inkjet printer to exactly match the production printing process, including white
3. Produce prototypes that cannot be distinguished from the original within hours
4. Using spectral color definitions to improve color communication throughout the entire production chain
5. Share color definitions worldwide with the CGS ORIS COLOR CLOUD
Heiner Mueller
Sales Director, Packaging - CGS ORIS
Heiner Mueller, born in 1956, started his professional career in the graphic arts industry in 1980, as an international sales representative for Krause Biagosch GmbH, Bielefeld. Thereafter he became Sales Director Germany of the Swiss Chromos Group. 1990 he moved to Scitex, where he held various sales and management positions within the German organization. After heading international sales at Dalim, Kehl and the position of Sales Director at GMG, Tuebingen, he led the European sales organization of CGS since 2005. In 2012, he was appointed Key Account Director Europe, focusing primarily on the packaging market. Since 2020, he has become Sales Director Packaging.