Jacob Lovén and Tom Xiong, producers of Scandinavia’s largest podcast about the Chinese technology scene (Den Digitala Draken) and one of the largest English speaking podcasts about the same topic (Digitally China) share their insights about the huge shift when innovation power is rapidly moving from Silicon Valley to Asia.

Using current cases, the duo is both giving concrete examples of how innovation from Asia, mainly driven by China, is changing the world and also connecting it to the larger trends happening globally, impacting the western markets in a pivotal way.

About the speakers:
Tom Xiong is a serial entrepreneur, currently residing in Shanghai running the startup Move Shanghai and has over a decade of experience of leading digital ventures in Europe, US and Asia.
Jacob Lovén was one of the early employees of Fintech unicorn Klarna and has a vast experience of digital transformation in companies such as MTG, Omnicom and Schibsted.

Through their podcasts, the duo is frequent speakers at conferences and senior management team advisors for global companies.
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    Tom Xiong
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    Jacob Lovén