According to the CDC, as of March 18 there are over 7,038 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States and that number is projected to continue to climb, and eventually impact every state. As the effects of the coronavirus continue to impact daily life for both citizens and businesses, the situation becomes increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. That’s why communication during these difficult times is critical, especially with frontline employees who can't work remotely and don't have access to traditional communication methods like email.

Join experts as they share best practices, tips, and strategies to keep your frontline workforce safe and informed no matter when or where they work. This webinar is best suited for those who are familiar with the Beekeeper platform or are already Beekeeper users.
Tue, Mar 24, 2020 · 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) (GMT -7:00)
  • Best practices when communicating with frontline employees
  • Tips for communicating during a crisis
  • How to rapidly roll out communication to all employees
Jenna Eastman
Head of Customer Success
Jenna Eastman is Head of Customer Success, North America at Beekeeper, a secure, mobile-first operational communications platform for frontline teams. By providing real-time unified communications, Beekeeper keeps everyone at the company aligned across shifts, departments, languages, and locations. Prior to Beekeeper, Jenna was a senior business consultant at IBM and a client development associate at Boston Private.
Austin Sandmeyer
Senior Marketing Manager
Austin Sandmeyer is a passionate marketing professional, entrepreneur, and problem solver with over eight years experience in the wild world of work. As Beekeeper's Marketing Manager for North America, Austin develops inspiring opportunities for Beekeeper to share and connect with the world’s 2 billion non-desk workers. Previously, Austin developed product marketing for Do.com, a super-powered meeting management platform and brand marketing strategy for large-scale events at multiple companies.