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About this Workshop
Create beautiful content and tell your story with food styling techniques and photography with your smartphone!

Learn tips and tricks on food styling and photography that you can use everyday to create beautiful content.

Learn the basic toolkit to for a dietitian to have on hand to create professional food photography.

We use these tips and tricks through live food demos where you can follow along at the same time and/or complete these for homework !

The RD Collective Team will demo on how to style and shoot :
1) Breakfast parfait
2) Radish salad
3) Warm beet soup
4) Sweet crepes
5) Holiday beverages
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    The RD Collective Team
    Elis Halenko, RD & food stylist & photographer; Tamara Saslove, RD & culinary dietitian
    The RD Collective is a community of dietitians and nutritional professionals where you can connect learn and grow. With Elis’ unique background in food styling and photography and years of experience running her content creation agency and Tamara’s culinary and recipe development background, they now teach other dietitians how to create mouth watering recipes and jaw dropping content.

    Throughout their careers, Tamara and Elis never did the “normal” thing. Pushing boundaries and creating the careers of their dreams, they now help other dietitians do the same thing and grow their virtual nutrition business through the business coaching programs.