Recorded Tue, November 9, 2021 6:00 am (EST)
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    Everything fleets need to know about future taxation rules, including a debate around alternatives to fuel tax and VED, including pence per mile road charging, plus a look at fleet funding trends. A discussion on the medium-term future for funding, consideration the various options (outright purchase, contract hire, finance lease, salary sacrifice, affinity scheme/PCH, etc.) and the role they will have for car and van fleets. This will also take into consideration the implications of taxation (benefit-in-kind, national insurance, VED) on funding options and vehicle choices over the next five years, but also include a discussion on the future shape of taxation due to an anticipated drop in treasury revenue from the company car and van sector with the switch to electric vehicles (resulting in less benefit in kind tax, fuel tax, road fund licence tax) and whether road pricing schemes should be given greater consideration (the Government has opened an inquiry into their potential).
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