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    Reputation.com are partnering with AM-Online for their second webinar of the year to introduce and discuss the findings of their recently updated 2020 Automotive Reputation Report, and discuss what they mean for the UK’s dealer groups looking ahead to 2021. The report takes a deep dive into Europe’s automotive industry, with a specific focus on the UK, DACH and France.

    To build the report, Reputation.com’s team of Data Scientists looked at online data for over 33,000 auto brands across the globe — 18,000+ of which were in Europe — to look at how they’re performing in a year in which we’ve seen seismic change and disruption to the industry.

    During the webinar, Phil Capper of Reputation.com will discuss the report’s findings and key results, as well as what they mean for you and the actions you can take to improve your service and revenue. Phil will also look at which brands and individual dealers hold best-in-class rankings and who the UK’s highest-ranking brands are.

    They’ll take an in-depth look at who the UK’s best performing auto brands are, and the specific dealerships which out-perform their competition, and why this is. Today’s buyers are digitally-savvy, and in a digital-first world which has only been ramped-up by COVID, how your dealership looks online can be your number one factor whether you’re chosen or not during the buyer journey.
  • Agenda
    • A look at 2020’s key performers
    • Looking ahead to 2021
    • Review of key findings & recommendations
    • Who is leading the rankings and why
    • How CX can be a key differentiator
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