The existence of data silos is nothing new. Data-producing applications were once isolated systems. They were built to at least partially automate a specific subtask of a business process. Today, data-based insights are being used to automate decisions. The goal is to make business processes faster, more efficient and less vulnerable to risk. Analytics-driven insights are also expected to drive business innovation.

In a global survey, BARC examined the implications of data silos for the data-driven enterprise as well as approaches being adopted by companies to break down the barriers of data (and knowledge) silos.

Take part in our webinar on the study and:
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  • hear the views of BARC analysts and software vendors on the results of the study.
  • ask your own questions to the BARC analysts and software vendors.
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    Jacqueline Bloemen
    Senior Analyst
    Jacqueline Bloemen is a senior analyst with a major focus on data & analytics strategy and culture, architecture and technology, governance and organization. She is an author and speaker and has been advising companies of various
    sizes and industries for over 35 years. Currently, her research and consulting activities focus on the transformation to becoming a data-driven company.
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    Robin Tandon
    Director of Product Marketing, EMEA and LATAM
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    Anthony Ibrahim
    Director DACH/CEE
    Anthony Ibrahim has been working in the software industry for 33 years, originally implementing ERP systems and more recently supporting Ab Initio’s customers and building Ab Initio’s presence in the German-speaking countries as well as Central and Eastern Europe.