In this webinar we will discuss the solutions for preparing, imaging, and analyzing lithium-ion batteries with various instruments and techniques. We will show examples of the methods used to prepare and transfer the samples to the instrument of choice, in an inert transfer vessel without exposure to atmosphere.

The first part of the webinar will focus on sample preparation with our air-isolated CROSS SECTION POLISHERTM, imaging with an SEM, and analysis with an Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (EDS). This will include data from our new Gather-X Windowless EDS detector, which can detect ultra-low energy elements such as lithium (with Li K line of 54 eV). Analyzing lithium and other light elements requires low kV imaging and analysis and often high beam current.

The second part of the webinar will focus on advanced battery analysis data from a field emission Electron Probe Microanalyzer (FEG EPMA) with Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometers (up to 5 WDS + EDS), JEOL’s unique Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer (SXES), and an Auger microprobe. We will show application examples from all these techniques.

Key learning objectives:

- Ultra-low energy imaging and microanalysis of batteries
- Novel light element detection in an SEM or EPMA
- Specialized techniques in sample preparation and inert transfer of battery specific materials
Vern Robertson
EPMA/Surface Analysis Product Manager - JEOL USA Inc.
Vern has been with JEOL USA for 36 ½ years. He was appointed EPMA/Surface Analysis Product Manager in 2015 to add to his role as SEM Technical Sales Manager and provides in-house and in-the-field technical product and customer applications support. Vern served as the senior SEM Applications Specialist at JEOL USA beginning in 1986.

He was appointed National Laboratory Manager in 2004, and FEG SEM Product Manager in 2005. Vern received his B.Sc. in Geology from the University of New Hampshire. His prior industrial experience included eight years of consulting in an independent testing lab specializing in industrial and environmental problem solving, with responsibilities including polarized light optical microscopy, and atomic emission and absorption spectroscopy SEM with EDS/ WDS and X-ray diffraction. Vern is a former member of the MAS (Microanalysis Society) Council.
Dr. Jennifer Misuraca
Senior SEM Applications Specialist - JEOL USA, Inc.
Dr. Jennifer Misuraca is a Senior SEM Applications Specialist with a focus on field emission microscopes. She is responsible for customer applications support and training, technical product support, and microscope demonstrations. Dr. Misuraca obtained her PhD in Physics from Florida State University in 2012 and her B.S. in Physics is from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. For her thesis research, she fabricated, measured, and analyzed lateral spin transport devices at cryogenic temperatures.

In her joint postdoctoral position at Brookhaven National Lab and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, she searched for novel high-Tc superconductors by flux growth of highly correlated single crystalline materials and characterization of their thermal, electrical, and magnetic properties. She has worked at JEOL USA as an Applications Specialist since 2014 and was promoted to Senior SEM Applications Specialist in 2021. She is currently a board member of the New England Society for Microscopy.
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