Aberration correction in scanning/transmission electron microscopy (S/TEM) has enabled directly-interpretable imaging of light elements such as O and Li at the atomic scale. Observing such elements combined with their native and resulting states before and after cycling/degradation becomes critical to material performance. Correlating STEM imaging with X-ray and energy loss spectroscopies, and electronic structure characterization thus provides a unique position-sensitive view of the material down to the atomic scale.

This webinar will focus on recent developments in STEM-based characterization techniques of relevant battery and other energy materials. Particular attention will be paid to novel detectors and detection methods, real-time dose control, and chemical spectroscopy, all which enhance the efficiency and applicability of STEM characterization to energy materials.
Patrick Phillips
TEM/FIB Product Manager | JEOL USA
Dr. Phillips received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in 2012 from the Ohio State University. Following an appointment as a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois – Chicago, he joined JEOL USA in 2016.
Tom Isabell - Webinar Host
Vice President | JEOL USA
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