Avicanna is hosting its year end 2023 earnings call on April 2nd 2024, 8:30 am
Join a virtual presentation by Aras Azadian, Founder and CEO and Phil Cardella, CFO where we will discuss the results of full year 2023 and corporate highlights.
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    Aras Azadian
    Aras founded Avicanna with the vision of establishing an international biopharmaceutical company with a strict focus on medical and pharmaceutical applications of naturally derived medicines including cannabinoids. His experience in biotechnology and management consulting have been integral to Avicanna’s thought leadership and progress pertaining to R&D and clinical development of cannabinoid-based products and the commercialization of the company’s extensive pipeline of proprietary products. Since 2016 Aras has successfully led a team of executives and scientists to navigate the complex, and highly regulated cannabis industry across several international markets with focus on scientific data and an evidence-based approach to product development. Aras holds an International Master’s in Management from EADA Business School in Barcelona, Spain and a Bachelor of Economics from York University.
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    Phillip Cardella
    Joining the Company in 2021 as Senior Vice President of Finance, Phillip took over as Chief Financial Officer in May 2022. He gained his experience at MNP LLP in the public company assurance group, where he worked with new and young companies, managing, and advising them through go-public transactions and financial reporting requirements. While at MNP, Phillip was audit lead for Avicanna from 2018-2020. He is applying this prior knowledge to ensuring accuracy and reliability of Avicanna’s financials and sound financial management. Phillip holds a Bachelors in Management and Organizational Studies from the University of Western Ontario and attained his CPA, CA designation in 2017.