Nowadays, most smartphone users prefer to lock their devices using various security techniques such as passcodes & biometrics. Many digital forensics investigations involve locked smartphones, presenting a challenge for examiners when they cannot access the data stored on a smartphone.

During this webinar we will discuss various methods allowing data acquisition from locked iPhones and available in Belkasoft Evidence Center X, an easy-to-use and powerful digital forensics and incident response solution which simplifies and accelerates a digital investigation workflow.

The following topics will be covered during this webinar:
- Agent-based acquisition
- checkm8-based acquisition
- Bypassing USB restricted mode
- iOS brute-forcing
- How Belkasoft X can help you deal with locked iPhones
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    Jared Luebbert
    Digital Forensics Expert & Litigation Support Professional
    Jared Luebbert is a Digital Forensics Expert and Litigation Support Professional with years of experience performing digital forensic collection and analysis worldwide.

    He is the Forensic Sales Engineer for Belkasoft in North America and the founder and lead examiner of Gateway Forensics, a veteran-owned digital forensics company located in Maryland.

    Jared has worked on cases from a variety of industries including Energy, Manufacturing and High Technology, Medical, and Real Estate. He has assisted clients with patent infringement damages assessments, financial fraud, civil and criminal law matters, mobile device & computer forensics, intrusion detection, and incident response.