Digital evidence is present in over 90% of all criminal cases. The move towards decentralization for digital evidence acquisition can facilitate a more effective, efficient way for frontline operators and digital investigators to work together and solve cases faster.

In this webinar, we will cover:
- Lessons learned from UK law enforcement agencies.
- Benefits of a new design for accessing mobile devices as quickly as possible for rapid turnaround times.
- How to ensure that the organization maintains quality standards for digital evidence.
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    Simon Crawley
    Senior Consultant, MSAB
    Simon Crawley is a former Police Sergeant from London’s Metropolitan Police Service, with 10 years of experience in Counter Terrorism intelligence gathering using digital forensic tools. Simon designed, built and managed an effective and efficient MSAB Ecosystem in order to improve data collection and save money, and he is now a senior consultant with MSAB and works within their Professional Services Dept, consulting with customers on how best to implement and set up their MSAB Ecosystems. He also holds a Master’s degree in ‘Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigations’.
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    Shaun Sutcliffe
    Senior Technical Trainer, MSAB
    Shaun Sutcliffe is MSAB’s senior Technical Instructor and also fulfills the role of deputy global training manager. Shaun has worked at MSAB for nearly 12 years. During that time, he has delivered over 200 training courses in more than 20 countries worldwide. Another of Shaun’s responsibilities is to write and develop MSAB’s entry level Certification Training Course for those who are less experienced in Mobile Forensics or just entering the field. Prior to working for MSAB, Shaun served 25 years in the UK military, the first 20 of those in Military Intelligence before moving into digital forensics and serving 2 tours of Iraq embedded with the US Task Forces based north of Baghdad. During those 2 tours, he worked with the vast majority of US military branches and many US Govt. agencies involved in digital forensics as part of the coalition effort. All told, Shaun completed 3 tours of duty in Iraq and 2 of Afghanistan.