Australia’s mining sector’s powering up again…

As 2022 closes out, certain ASX mining stocks have started to ‘decouple’ from the beleaguered global indices. Just as they did 20 years ago.

‘The years ahead will be like the mining boom on steroids,’ predicts The Sydney Morning Herald.

Is that true? Or just media fluff?

In this eye-opening webinar, a veteran geologist who’s explored for the heaviest hitters in Aussie mining will give you his unique insights. AND how you can use this to your own benefit…

‘I’m convinced the gears are in motion for another multi-year boom,’ he says. ‘And that Australia is going to be in pole position once more. I’m seeing all the signs it’s already underway.’

‘The same executives who got rich last time are quietly engineering new companies. I look forward to digging into who those companies are with you guys…’

Plus, an open, live Q&A where you can get your questions about Australia’s next mining boom answered directly by experts James and Greg

If you’ve watched with curiosity as Aussie mining stocks have peeled away from the rest of the ASX, here’s our take on where they go next…
  • Why certain mining stocks are starting to break away from the wider index.
  • The central resource of Mining Boom 2.0 (this time, it won’t be iron ore).
  • How the mining elite is coming out of hibernation and mobilising once more.
  • Plus, an open live Q&A where you can get your questions about Australia’s next mining boom answered directly by experts James and Greg.
James Cooper
Exploration Geologist and Editor of Diggers and Drillers
James Cooper spent the 2000s commodities boom working up the exploration ranks from tiny players like Monax Mining, a little Adelaide-based rock hunter that traded for around 6 cents at one point…to bigger iron outfits like Crosslands Resources.

Eventually, he was headhunted by the exploration manager of a copper miner called Equinox Minerals. That took him to Zambia; managing rigs, soil sampling, scouring tenement packages, analysing data, and organising field crews.

James was a team leader in what grew into a huge resource development (pre-mining) operation…with around 20 rigs and 18 geologists, as well as a huge number of support staff. Around 100,000 metres of drilling…with a heap of logistics to get the program through the wet season.

James was there when Barrick Gold came knocking with an enormous $7.5 billion bid to take over Equinox. That was at the peak of the last resources cycle in 2012.
Soon after, mining wound down, and even Barrick shut down exploration across the globe, sold all its gold mines in Australia, and withered themselves down to a relatively small player in the industry. Later, he worked with Northern Star. This is the company that went on to buy up Barrick’s Australian assets for a fire sale price.

Then James moved to a miner called Dacian as the senior exploration geologist. This is very interesting…as they were looking for nickel, copper, and rare earth elements (REEs) in the mineral-rich grounds surrounding the small Western Australian township of Leonora, around a four-hour drive north of Kalgoorlie.

With his background as a geologist and finance professional, he brings entirely unique insight into the new resurgence in Aussie mining.
Greg Canavan
Editorial Director of Fat Tail Investment Research and Editor of flagship investment letter, Fat Tail Investment Advisory
Greg Canavan is the Editorial Director of Fat Tail Investment Research and Editor of flagship investment letter, Fat Tail Investment Advisory. This service utilises technical charts and valuation analysis to find compelling growth opportunities in the stock market.

In 2021, Greg closed out a total of 13 positions for his subscribers. 11 of them were sold for a profit. So far, in 2022, Greg has closed out 14 positions. Incredibly, 10 of those were sold for a profit. That’s this year...while all hell has been breaking loose in the markets...

Over the last 20 years, Greg has developed a unique investment philosophy that embraces the value of ignorance. He believes that most people get into trouble in the markets by succumbing to their biases or holding on to their views despite being wrong.

He believes the best way to deal with this is to admit that you really know very little. Investors need to put their ego aside, says Greg, accept they might be biased, and listen to what the market is truly saying.

Andrew Geoghegan
ausbiz Broadcast Anchor
Andrew is highly accomplished, multi-award-winning journalist, correspondent and presenter with more than 3 decades of experience. He was a TV anchor at Bloomberg LP before joining the ABC where he spent 18 years, first as a reporter, then foreign correspondent, and senior journalist and presenter. Andrew joined the ausbiz team as a Broadcast Anchor in November 2020.
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