Investor interest in gold waxes and wanes on changing headlines around inflation and bond yields, yet the precious metal remains a cornerstone of many portolios.

Gold is approaching a major pivot point where it could either bounce off or break through this critical level. Many industry experts have predicted a bull run, with some forecasting levels as high as US$2,600/oz.

This exclusive event will explore where the gold price heads from here, and to get key calls from high-profile experts. 

This is a must-see event for gold investors. 
  • Gold Bugs vs Gold Bears; has the shine come off the yellow metal or is another supercycle around the corner?
  • Around the world; expert investors explain how they assess gold explorers and miners operating in vastly different geographies and geopolitical environments.
  • All that glistens; industry professionals discuss high conviction gold stocks and what investors should look out for
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    Nadine Blayney (Host)
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