About this Webinar
Understanding that a child venturing into Year 1 is a big step for parents and children alike. Jacinta shares her insights on these important foundation years and how we can prepare for Elementary and beyond at AIS. Join us for some great tips and tricks to help these young learners.
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    Matthew Hall
    Director of Marketing & Admissions
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    Jacinta Matheson
    Jacinta is an accomplished PYP teacher, having over 10 years teaching experience working across a variety of year levels and disciplines, the last 4 of these years spent teaching Year 1 at the Australian International School, Singapore. For the last 18 months, this has also included fulfilling the role of Head of Year, overseeing the planning and implementation of Teaching and Learning in Year 1.

    Jacinta is passionate about teaching the whole child and building positive relationships with her students and their families. She creates an environment built on trust, respect and honest communication where all work together to help each child reach their potential. In the classroom, Jacinta encourages her students to be curious, reflective learners who she partners with to engage in relevant and authentic learning experiences.

    Jacinta is also the proud mother of 2 children, her eldest being in Prep at AIS.