Growing e-vehicle market requires a highly conductive material for connectors and busbars. Deposit hardness has become a prerequisite for busbars and most connectors. Contact resistance is the other important parameter being paid attention in this application.

In this webinar, we will introduce to you Atotech’s solution to meet the hardness and contact resistance requirements of EV busbars and connectors. We will also talk about the importance of maintaining these crucial parameters over a long period.

Through this webinar, we will also cover the option to plate reel-to-reel type connector that can go up to 15 ASD.
  • Introduction
  • Ideal hard silver plating for electric vehicles connectors and busbars
  • Hard silver option for reel-to-reel connector application
  • Q&A session
Application Manager Functional Electronic Coatings

Karigalan has been in the plating field for more than 20 years. He started working for Atotech in 2010 where he was involved with the Rigid Memory Disk project in the Electroless Nickel department for 7 years and then took a role as Application Manager for Functional Electronic Coatings in 2018.