About This Webinar
Thermal management on a substrate is one of the hot topics with regards to reliability of electronic devices. With increased power and packing density of electronic components more and more heat is generated. This will lead to failures of electronic devices over a lifetime if the heat cannot be transferred to the outside of the substrates.

Nowadays, completely copper filled through hole structures are at the leading edge of technology for thermal via structures because copper has almost the best thermal conductivity. However, challenges like voiding, irregularities in crystal structure and impurities in deposited copper have to be considered.

The webinar will discuss the challenges for thermal management, the concept for copper filling of through holes and shows the state-of-the-art solution with an outlook on future development areas.
  • Challenges: voids, conductivity, via farms
  • Concepts: deep via filling, large crystals, reverse pulse plating
  • Process solution and outlook
Roland Herold
Senior Specialist Electroplating

Educated in Materials Science – working since 1987 in the development and field in different positions on wet-chemical metallization technologies for electronic application.

Worked several years as Project Manager in Taiwan for ICS and HDI production sites.