With our endless devotion to developing innovative universal and economic PCB final finishes, we are pleased to introduce the new industry benchmark – PD-Core® and Aurotech® G-Bond 2.

Ni/Pd and Ni/Pd/Au finishes are covering multiple possible applications as they provide reliable soldering and bonding capabilities. In this webinar, we will introduce two new products for the deposition of Ni/Au and Ni/Pd/Au finishes, and which additionally are also applicable for Pd/Au deposits: PD-Core® as a new electroless plating electrolyte to deposit pure palladium layers and Aurotech® G-Bond 2 as universal gold with excellent corrosion performance and thickness distribution on nickel as well as on palladium.

During this webinar, we will explain how to gain considerable cost savings with both of these electrolytes without decreasing the reliability of the soldering to reach best-in-class stability and ease of operation. Performance data of various tests will be presented to show the benefits of this process compared to conventional electrolytes.
  • General overview on surface finishes.
  • Performance data for PD-Core and Aurotech G-Bond 2 for plating of Ni/Au, Ni/Pd/Au, Pd/Au.
  • Q&A session.
Global Product Manager Selective Finishing

Educated in Chemistry and joined Atotech in 2004 as R&D chemist in the field of final finishing. After 11 years as R&D manager for selective finishing moved to the position of the Global Product Manager in April 2019.