About This Webinar
The continuously increasing thermo-mechanic reliability requirements for e.g. automotive electronics and 5G hand-held PCBs need a better understanding of all production processes.

Apart from the contribution of the well-known factors like base material properties, pressing/lamination and drilling conditions, de-smearing and deposition parameter of the conductive seed layer, the set-up of the electrolytic copper process plays an important role in advanced interface reliability between stacked micro-vias.

The webinar introduces you to the subject and will provide an overview of the latest findings and developments in electrolytic copper.
  • Stacked-via interface reliability: test procedure by reflow simulation
  • Overview of influencing production factors
  • Electroplated copper – important parameter for best nucleation on conductive interfaces
Roland Herold
Senior Specialist Electroplating

Educated in Materials Science – working since 1987 in the development and field in different positions on wet-chemical metallization technologies for electronic application.

Worked several years as Project Manager in Taiwan for ICS and HDI production sites.