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Is it possible to operate an electroless nickel process at 75 °C and still achieve the required plating speed?  Yes, it is – with our revolutionary low-temperature mid-P EN process Nichem® MP 75.

Compared to conventional electroless nickel systems, which often require high temperatures to enable the autocatalytic deposition process and achieve the required coating speed, the innovative Nichem® MP 75 process operates at only 75 °C, significantly reducing heating energy consumption and thus the carbon footprint, while lowering operating costs.

In this webinar, our experts Dr. Iulia-Cornelia Baciu and Shakeel Akhtar will share insights into the development of this new low-temperature EN process, and how it helps you improve your electroless nickel operation. We'll explore the synergistic effects of the process components and the most suitable operation parameters, which compensate for the reduced temperature while maintaining high-quality results.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover how our Nichem® MP 75 low-temperature mid-P EN process can benefit your business, while also contributing to a more sustainable future. Join us and be part of the next generation of surface finishing technology.

Topics that we will cover in our webinar:

• Motivation and innovation
• Economic and environmental considerations
• Process design and operation parameters
• Coating properties
• Summary of benefits
Product Management and Technical Specialist
Dr. Iulia Baciu, Product Management and Technical Specialist
for wear resistant coatings, holds a PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Würzburg. She joined Atotech's R&D team as a scientist in 2011, focusing on the development of new electroless nickel processes and is credited with the invention of our processes Nichem® HP 1151, ELeVEN® HP 1050 and Nichem® MP 75. During her almost 10 year career in this field, Iulia has acquired a broad expertise that she has been able to share at numerous international conferences where she presented Atotech processes and innovations.
Global Product and Business Development Manager
Shakeel Akhtar, Global Product Manager and Business Development Manager Wear Resistant Coatings, has joined Atotech in 1988. As a specialist in electroless nickel plating, he has extensive knowledge of surface finishing including functional chrome. During his career, Shakeel has held various positions such as R&D Development Chemist, Product Specialist, Global Application Manager, Technology Manager and Product Manager for Wear Resistant Coatings. He has gained extensive international experience serving customers around the world and was based in Singapore for six years. In his current position Shakeel oversees the global Atotech product range and business development opportunities for WRC.