About This Webinar
Get your control back over productivity, quality and costs!

Selecting an adequate paint stripping process is often a difficult decision to make for every paint applicator.

Common paint removal solutions often require additional secondary or manual cleaning as well as repairs and replacement of fixtures due to damages.

Atotech’s Master Remover® paint stripping processes eliminate substrate damage and warping while minimizing safety concerns with exposure to harmful environment, or hazardous and regulated substances such as sulfuric acid and chlorinated solvent in addition to incomplete paint removal. Master Remover® technologies open new ways, offering safe on-site, high performance paint removal with sustainability benefits.
  • Reasons and necessity for paint stripping and various methods
  • Basic principles of sustainable paint removal and advantages
  • Impact of sustainable paint removal technology on productivity and yield improvement
  • How paint removal technology can optimize the production process and lead to economical benefits
  • Introduction of a new paint removal technology (Plug & Play)
  • Case studies (in-house spray and immersion operations)
Sylvain Masson
Global Product Manager Paint Support Technologies
Sylvain Masson has a M.B. Eng. in Industrial Management. He has been working for the Atotech Group for more than 18 years and has gained broad international experience through stations in France or China, where he has driven the PST business in all Asian countries. As Global Product Manager for Paint Support Technologies he first worked in Rock Hill, USA. Since 2019 he has been based at the Berlin headquarters and oversees the worldwide marketing of paint overspray and paint removal applications.