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As a result of increased carbon emissions due to high energy consumption in the surface finishing industry, paint applicators are taking countermeasures against global warming by implementing strategies to reduce carbon footprint or seek complete carbon neutrality. In most scenarios, this necessitates a technology change.

Conventional processes for paint applications have endured for many years due to low costs and performance capabilities. However, many have hidden costs related to energy consumption, wastewater treatment and maintenance requirements. Collectively, these make conventional pretreatments highly unsustainable in a world seeking greener solutions.

Atotech’s pretreatment technologies offer paint applicators sustainable solutions to replace conventional processes without compromising quality and cost. Our next-generation processes also enhance surface treatment operations, generate less waste, consume less energy, and offer safer working environments.

Atotech’s paint support technologies are designed for the modern paint applicating company, offering sustainable and economical solutions to replace outdated processes.

In this webinar, we will explore the following:

• Conventional pretreatments and associated costs
• Process advantages of sustainable pretreatments
• Atotech’s portfolio of cleaners and conversion coatings
• Carbon footprint reduction possibilities
• Economic breakdown of sustainable pretreatment
• Case studies

To learn more about Atotech’s range of products and how they can be tailored to your application, join us in our upcoming webinar “Save the green – How sustainable paint pretreatment can increase profitability and reduce CO2 footprint”.
Global Product Manager Paint Support Technologies
Brandon Lloyd, Global Product Manager Paint Support Technology (PST), has worked at Atotech for more than 10 years. Brandon started his professional career with an internship with Atotech’s PST group while completing his BS in chemistry. After joining Atotech full time with their Electroless Nickel group in R&D and gaining international experience working at Atotech’s headquarters in Berlin, Germany, Brandon re-joined PST and held various product management positions while earning his MBA. In his current role, Brandon oversees Atotech’s global product range and business development activities for its paint pretreatment products, which provide surface cleaning and corrosion protection solutions for automotive, appliance, construction and agricultural equipment, furniture, and architectural aluminum, amongst others.