With advancements in printed circuit board and IC Substrate designs and related process technologies new challenges especially arise for IC substrate manufacturers, namely for those applications where fine L/S (lower than 10 µm) and good signal propagation at higher speed are required. The conventional approach designed to ensure good adhesion of the conductor to the dielectrics by increasing surface roughness became obsolete.

In this webinar, we would like to introduce our latest development of adhesion promotion system that meets all the challenges of IC substrate manufacturing. This system adopted subsequent treatment of organic coating, so-called “adhesion promoter (AP)”, on top of copper surface to ensure the strongest possible bond strength via chemical adhesion. We will also explain how to utilize this system to significantly improve conductor adhesion to dielectrics at zero line width reduction.
  • Market drivers
  • Introduction to NovaBond® EX-S2
  • Zero line width reduction
  • The performance of NovaBond® EX-S2
  • Q&A session
Global Product Manager Surface Treatment

Joined Atotech Group in 2014, initially in the role of R&D Scientist. In 2019 Dr. Thomas was appointed as Global Product Manager for Surface Treatment Technology product team.

Based in Berlin, Germany.