About This Webinar
In this Webinar we will introduce a new plating tool called MultiPlate®. This new ECD plating tool is designed and introduced to meet the market requirements of the packaging industry and is capable of plating wafers and panels. The focus of this webinar will be on FO-PLP and therefore we will talk about our Panel tool, its features and capabilities. Furthermore, we will address a major challenge, which is the Cu distribution over the panel for various panel formats (370 × 470 mm² up to 600 × 600 mm²) and demonstrate the improvements achieved by parallel optimization of the plating tool, its physical parameters (e.g.: electrolyte flow, current density and reverse pulse plating) and electrolyte settings for the key requirements for both applications: uniformity, feature shape and process stability. Recent results strongly indicate that FO-PLP has the potential to be a strong competition for FO-WLP in the coming years.
  • Market trends that drive panel level packaging
  • Advanced tool features: the key to plating uniformity & yield
  • Full panel results that show the capabilities
  • Q&A
Dr. Christian Ohde
Global Product Director – SC/FEC

In 2010 Christian Ohde finished his PhD in chemistry and joined Atotech Group, as a scientist. In 2013 he was promoted to R&D Manager focusing on plating of metals in different equipment types. End of 2017 he changed his orientation from R&D to customer support as the Global Application Manager for Panel and Pattern Plating. In October 2020 he was promoted to Global Product Director Semiconductor, Lead Frame and Connectors
Dirk Ruess
Global Product Manager Electronics Equipment

As material scientist, Dirk Ruess started his career in the ceramic industry as development engineer. After gathering several years experiences as Application Engineer and Sales Manager in the ceramic, sputtering and optical industry, he joined Atotech Group in 2007 as Sales Manager for horizontal equipment. As Business Development Manager, he was responsible for new products and was promoted in 2018 to Global Product Manager for Vertical Systems.