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Electroless deposition of nickel phosphorus alloy coatings (Ni-P) has been widely used in many industrial applications because of the unique properties they impart such as wear resistance, non-magnetism, hardness, coating thickness uniformity and in particular, corrosion resistance. A high degree of corrosion resistance is a prerequisite for many applications as this extends the component’s service life when exposed to very corrosive environments.

To meet these stringent corrosion resistance requirements, MKS’ Atotech has focused on developing an electroless nickel process that outperforms previous processes in terms of corrosion resistance. This resulted in the launch of the Pd and Cd-free electroless nickel process Nichem® HP 1170 that can withstand the toughest of corrosive environments and is suitable for applications that require the highest corrosion resistance, like in the oil and gas industry (e.g. offshore platforms), heavy engineering, coal mining or the automotive industry.

Learn more about Nichem® HP 1170 and its outstanding corrosion properties during this webinar hosted by Shakeel Akhtar, Global Product & Business Development Manager. The webinar will cover the following topics:

- Introduction to high phosphorus electroless nickel
- The Nichem® HP 1170 process and deposit properties
- Corrosion resistance of Nichem® HP 1170 coated parts
Global Product & Business Development Manager
Shakeel Akhtar, Global Product Manager & Business Development Manager WRC, has worked for MKS' Atotech brand for over 30 years. As a specialist in electroless nickel plating, he has extensive knowledge of surface finishing including functional chrome. At the company, Shakeel has held various positions such as R&D Development Chemist, Product Specialist, Global Application Manager, Technology Manager and Product Manager for Wear Resistant Coatings. He has gained extensive international experience serving customers around the world and was based in Singapore for six years. In his current position Shakeel oversees the global Atotech product range and business development opportunities for WRC.