Organic surface finishes provide a solderable environmentally friendly finish for fabricators in the electronics industry. The key to the potency of the process is the number of reflow cycles the finish can endure. Additionally, the thickness of the coating is a key quality indicator or process control tool as it is a measure of the potential for solder joint quality implications.

The new OS-Tech® SIT 2 can guarantee multiple solder reflow cycles and is applicable to work in combination with Atotech’s production-proven ENIG processes.

In this webinar we will introduce this new finish and the associated available micro-etch systems, which allow the deposit of an exceptionally smooth and even organic layer. Performance data of various tests will prove the technical ability of this new organic finish.
  • Introduction
  • Copper levelling micro etch systems
  • Performance data OSP
  • Q&A session
Global Product Manager Selective Finishing Technology

Educated in Chemistry and joined Atotech in 2004 as R&D chemist in the field of final finishing. After 11 years as R&D manager for selective finishing moved to the position of the Global Product Manager in April 2019.