About This Webinar

Automated PCB manufacturing provides a wide range of benefits for business, operation safety and environment. Atotech equipment is well known for its high level of automation bringing benefits for high quality, reduces human labor, enables a safe operation with chemical fluids and minimize the environmental impact. With higher automation level comes the ability to collect more process data and production data. These data can be used for full transparency of the production process, condition monitoring and data analytics which helps the operator to optimize the production performance in terms of yield, consumption of resources and increase in system availability.
  • Automation and the use of control loops
  • The intelligent use of production data
  • The worldwide trend for energy efficiency
  • Q&A
Andreas Schatz
Global Product Manager Electronics Equipment

Joined Atotech in 2010 as Project Planner for technical planning of horizontal PCB-equipment department (Uniplate, Horizon, special projects). Promoted to his current position at 2017 with the emphasis on for horizontal PCB-equipment (Uniplate, Horizon and Polygon).

Based in Nuremberg, Germany